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Storyboard WIP

Work In Progress / 05 March 2019

WIP Storyboard

Work In Progress / 03 March 2019


Work In Progress / 26 February 2019

Hm, and why on Monday there was no post with a wip? Because my brain apparently decided that finish in one week the whole comic is not enough difficult and that the second half of the storyboard can be revised and rewritten again.

Storyboard wip

Work In Progress / 23 February 2019

I forgot to post here #wip for #PictureYourStory

Some concept sketches for my project

General / 16 February 2019

Warmup sketches. Maybe something of this I will use in my sci-fi webcomic. 

Art vs Artist 2019

General / 10 February 2019

#artvsartist again? Why not )

Screenshot study 24.01.19

General / 24 January 2019

- Why are we still here? Just to suffer? 

Today's training object - Kazuhira "Kaz" Miller from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Screenshot study 23.01.19

General / 23 January 2019

I was some tired from traditional drawing and take a pen again.

Today's training - MGSVTPP. Venom Snake. 

Kojima is a genius. 

Sketchbook update 22.01.19

General / 22 January 2019

Hobbit trailer study. Sometimes trying to draw with Pentel brush pen, but it still too difficult for me. 

Sketchbook 21.01.19

General / 21 January 2019

Sketchbook update. Today is "Avengers, End game" trailer study.